Time and Money

It is best to know how much time and money you have available to devote to your studies. This will assist you with determining your track choice and the certifications you want to pursue. Don’t be too quick to fly the nest!


Choose a career path that suites your personality. If you are outgoing, hands on and a “peoples” person, perhaps networking is the track for you. If you love to design, have a great imagination and enjoy challenges with code, programming is for you.


We all have an idea as to what kind of lifestyle we would like to have. As with any career, you are going to start at an entry level position, but a few years down the line, what and where do you want to be? You need to think about what salary you would like to be earning and where you would like to live. With Information Technology at ITCA the opportunities are endless as your certifications are recognized worldwide.


Think about the growth within your chosen field, is there room for you to grow, what are the job opportunities available today and how can you best groom yourself for future positions?


Understand your career choice. Know what a career in programming or networking may mean for you. This is best determined by attending one of our open days which are advertised and are open to all potential students and their parents.


You need to do what is right for you, so be honest with yourself, be reasonable with your expectations, but don’t forget to push yourself.

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