“I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the ITCA Team. Yolande thank you for your understanding and support from the beginning. Thank you for the financial assistance last year; it was a very challenging year for me.  I also appreciated the support you gave us when my son was not well. To the lectures; especially Andre, you have groomed him well. Peter thank you for believing In Nkululeko and for the encouragement. Most of all I am so grateful that today he was called with a job offer and that would not have happened without your dedication.  Your tireless effort in forwarding the students CVs, recommending them to employers, and the assistance offered to our children to go further and succeed. You have fulfilled your promise.


When I first walked into ITCA I did not even consider that I would pursue a career in the Information Technology industry. I was soon proved wrong when my opinion was swayed while I was attending the complementary STRATA course.

Thinking back I sometimes find it hard to describe my experience at ITCA, some days were good, some days were less so, but I was never disappointed in the choice I made to go there.

We started off with the basics that any developer should know, HTML, CSS and JavaScript (the “metaphorical” building blocks of the future). My fellow classmates and I were very intrigued with these new skills that were taught to us. Each of us being challenged and entertained by the trainers on our journey.

For each module thereafter the trainers and other staff never failed to keep us intrigued. The projects that were given to us focused on various aspects of not just computer programming but computer science as well. The class environment was also professional. We worked when we had to, and we played when the time so allowed us.

Another key element in the ITCA ecosystem is that the programmers and networkers are not separate entities, albeit by separation of classes. This meant that we would also be in contact with some networking principles and concepts, something that I personally feel is very important.

ITCA has made me the person I am, by laying the foundation that peaked my interest, upon which I would ultimately lay the bricks. I wish all the best to those that will still pass through their classrooms and those who have already done so.

Jaco Jansen van Vuuren

One thing that has always been a strong point in my life is my relationship with my family and friends. Many of my decisions have been based on how it will affect the relationships around me.

When starting at an educational institution, one wants nothing more than to fit in and feel welcomed.

This is exactly what was experienced during my two years at ITCA.

I studied programming at ITCA for both the first year and the second (specialist) year. There was no “Mr. Nice Guy” here. We were constantly kept busy, solving problems and meeting deadlines which really helped give us an idea of what to expect in the working world and the reality of being pressured by a boss or a demanding client.

On a Social level, the love, support and good times experienced were something I would re live without a doubt. Never a dull moment at ITCA, besides having Peter putting immense pressure to finish a task on time, or cramming in a fairly large amount of material for the next exam.

The lecturers that I had the privilege of working under dedicated their time in AND outside of college to aid us in any way possible.

Thinking back to my days at ITCA bring nothing short of a smile on my face. They helped me become well prepared to tackle my life in the pursuit of a career in IT. One thing that has really stuck out for me is the fact that, although I’m approaching my second year out of college now, they still remain in contact with me, with possible job offers.

This just helps me to promote this college even more. If you want to get an awesome set of certifications for either yourself, or your child, don’t waste your time looking elsewhere!

Jamie Costopoulos

When I look back in 2010 when I won the ITCA study bursary I get surprised, at that time I didn’t know anything about computers, I didn’t think that one day I would be this far, I didn’t know that one day I would be a MICROSOFT CERTIFIED SYSTEM ENGENEER but today I have seen that there is nothing impossible in life, and yes I have seen that I wouldn’t have made it this far if I didn’t study at one of THE BEST INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTIONS IN THE WORLD!!!!.

Studying at IT CERTIFICATION ACADEMY was a great experience for me, it was a dream come true, the warmth I got from the college was amazing, the professional training, warm hearted lecturers and students…every day I had at ITCA was filled with LOVE,PEACE and JOY.. in fact I felt like I was studying at home!!!. ITCA has lightened up this journey called “My life”….memories won’t fade away!!

Phumlani Nongomgoma

When I first started my classes, I thought I knew a lot about computers but I tell you now, that I was a small fish in a very big pond. There were people around me whose knowledge was much greater than mine, but nevertheless it was a challenge for me but I studied and nursed my skills through the college with the help of the Staff at I.T.C.A.

I failed my first 3 exams and was about to give up and thought maybe that the I.T. field wasn’t my place to be, but through the love and support at I.T.C.A I rewrote those exams one by one and passed them, from that point on I never failed another exam again.

I now work for an International I.T. Company- Conosco. Conosco is an I.T. outsourcing company where they look after the I.T. Infrastructure for companies in the U.K. The amount of experience and growth that I am achieving wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of I.T.C.A.

Jonathan De Bruin

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