My dad has captured almost everything. I’d like to add the following:

What I found about ITCA is that it is not only a learning institution but more of a family institution where right from the receptionist to the Principal dealer, everyone takes accountability of the kind of students that they produce. As my dad has already said I for one has seen a great change in the manner in which my brother approaches things in life especially work commitments etc.

ITCA gave him a good platform to be well vested within the IT space and the confidence that his employers have shown in him by deploying him to perform duties outside the South African boarders speaks volumes.

Would I recommend ITCA to the next person? Definitely I would as I can show them the beautiful results through my brother.

With that all praise be to God and we also thank wonderful ITCA team for all its efforts.
Best Regards


At other institutions you will not receive the same treatment as you would at ITCA.  ITCA goes beyond what is required for the parents and the students. ITCA always ensures that the students’ well-being is taken to heart.  ITCA has kept me up to date with my son’s progress and I know that I can phone the trainer for my son at any time. Whereas at different institutions I have not had the same privileges and have had to go to arm’s length to contact my son’s trainer.

My son’s trainer is so willing to assist in regards to any information concerning my son’s studies. Thank you!

Mr Sahibdeen

In 2009 my son needed to decide what he wanted to study. As a parent who wanted what is best for my child I took him to go and study at ITCAITCA really made things simple for my son and I, which included his college fees. This same treatment would not have been received at other colleges. My relationship with ITCA was amazing from the 1st time I took my son; to the time he finished his 2 year studies with them.

From nothing to something, that is what my son is now. He got his NQF Level 5 certificate and MCSE internationals. Currently my son is working and I thank God that I made the right choice to take him to ITCA.

I would like to say that I was overall pleased with the service I received. I appreciate the friendly response I received from each ITCA representative. Thanks to the ITCA staff!!

Mrs MC Madlala

How did our son get  into  IT?
Post matric, our son tried a number of options, however none of them were successful. As  a  family , my  wife , his  two  siblings   and  myself  were  concerned. At this stage his self-esteem was very low bearing in mind that his siblings were academically successful.

Our eldest son who knew ITCA when he studied abroad, suggested the IT route, thus we approached ITCA together with our son, at the onset it appeared as though this was what he wanted to do.

What was the reception at ITCA?
The reception was exceptional, right from the receptionist, marketing personnel to the principal dealer. We felt that we were in the right place. However as both my wife and I are laymen we depended upon them to steer us in the right direction.

Our son enrolled as a full time student.
What feedback did we get from both ITCA & our son and what did we think of the feedback?
The feedback we got from both ITCA and our son indicated to us that:

Our son enjoyed what he was currently doing

His confidence levels have been raised

He had a vision of where he wants to be at some stage.

Overall, whatever interactions had taken place, they have had a positive impact in his life.

Based on the above we felt that our son was at the right hands and the decision to leave him at the hands of ITCA was the right decision.
What has subsequently happened?

As we all know, our son was taken up as a learner at BSI Steel, he has since moved up to JHB on a permanent position.

In terms of responsibility that has been assigned to him lately, two or three times he has been assigned to perform duties outside South African borders, this can only be attributed to his competence, trustworthy and success, sourced at ITCA

Mr Gambushe

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