“The Facilitators are well experienced, understanding and accommodating to employee’s needs. Employees of the KwaZulu Natal Gaming and Betting Board who have had an opportunity to be trained by ITCA facilitators have always come back with positive feedback. pdf Click Here (211 KB) to download the full reference letter.”

KwaZulu – Natal Gaming & Betting Board

“From the time they started the training they have given professional service and delivered beyond expectations. We certainly recommend them as the Company with high Training Expertise. pdf Click Here (185 KB) to download the full reference letter.”

Harry Gwala District Municipality

“We are so impressed with the quality of training the academy is offering our staff as well as the superb customer service we have enjoyed in dealing with their management, trainers and staff. The ITCA is simply outstanding and we would highly recommend it to any prospective client. pdf Click Here (98 KB) to download the full reference letter.”

Cosoft – Coherent Software Solutions

“From an HR point of view, I am very appreciative of the feedback I receive immediately after the training has taken place. Attendance registers, evaluation forms and copies of the students’ certificates are scanned through to me which makes maintaining my training records very easy. pdf Click Here (159 KB) to download the full reference letter.”

Nortech International

“On behalf of the Wildlands interns who recently attended computer training at IT Certification Academy I would like to thank you and your trainer for the excellent coaching sessions, the feedback and the professionalism displayed. The interns commented on the friendliness of the staff members and the warm and happy training environment. It has certainly made a difference and given them more confidence when using their computers. pdf Click Here (211 KB) to download the full reference letter.”

Wildlands Conservation Trust

“Isiqina Computer Services embarked on a Learnership Programme via SETA (MIC) in the year 2014. My role was to coordinate the process, manage the process, provide practical working experience, monitor mentoring and coaching, reporting, invoicing, between Learner, SETA and ITCA (IT Certification Academy). Learnerships was a very new concept to Isiqina and this was the first learnership programme we embarked on providing training for eight learners from all spheres of life. ITCA were fundamentally instrumental is assisting us, providing advice and guidance on the process based on their vast experience dealing with SETA. ITCA produced a professional high quality training programme for the learners which commenced February 2014 and concluded December 2014. The training plan was comprehensive, detailed, time line stipulated, tasks defined and documented, practical work experience slots documented and the training content defined to the finest detail. The administration was of an exceptional high standard. Regular feedback and updates provided with attention to detail. pdf Click Here (975 KB) to download the full reference letter.”

Isiqina Computer Services

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